The Charting System supplied by Benassi Enterprises, Inc. offers the following features.


The Charting System has two components:

  1. The DATA LOGGING SYSTEM acquires the plant process data and creates the data files needed to generate future documents.
  2. The CHART CREATION SYSTEM is used by the person responsible for Certification/Chart Documents to generate customer documents. Charts may be generated on a demand basis, or automatically at the completion of a process.

The Charting System offers the following benefits:

  1. Speed - Chart generation time is reduced to 1-2 minutes per chart.
  2. Useable - No changes in work flow are required. The charting system is implemented as a replacement for the hand generation of chart documents.
  3. Reliable - The system has been proven in operation for more than four years.
  4. Archivable - The generation of electronic data allows the inexpensive archiving of years of critical process data.
  5. Accessible - Electronic data is more easily accessible and new charts of old data may be generated at any time.
  6. Reproducible - Lost or damaged charts are easily duplicated or replaced.
  7. Readable - The system generates only the chart data your customer requires but all data are available for future need.
  8. Customizable - Easily customize the system to generate only the documents your customers require. Extraneous data can be excluded but is always available.


  1. An PC compatible computer is needed as a dedicated data logger. This system communicates with the plant floor to acquire all the process data.
  2. A PC compatible computer to be used by the person responsible for generating Chart/Certification Documents.
  3. A network link for the access and archiving of process data files. The Charting System is presently operating over TCP/IP networks.

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